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MEAP Toolkit Companion Documents (Grades 3-8)

Oakland Schools MEAP Prototypes

“Demystifying the MME” (October 9, 2006 Workshop)

MMLA Math Assessments


Released MEAP Items

Preparing for the MME

Links to MDE and ACT Resources

Powerpoint from October 9 Workshop "Demystifying the MME"

Reporting Out: Implications for Classroom Practice

Powerpoint Presentations
(presented at M2 January 2005 Assessment Workshop)


GLCE Conference Intro

Math Criteria for Assessment

Deb Wahlstrom Workshop
Handouts from March 2, 2006 Workshop

MEAP Test Scavenger Hunt

Fall 2005 MEAP Reports / Scavenger Hunt

Fall 2005 Scaled Score Categories and Ranges

Fall 2005 Percentages -> Raw Scores

Fall 2005 SBOE Recommended Cut Scores

Using MEAP Released Test Items

M2 GLCE Assessment Project
These are teacher-made GLCE Assessments for use in the
classroom and are not official MEAP Pilot items.

Instructions for Administering
the M2 Math Assessments

M2 Math Assessments for GLCE

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M2 ELA Assessments for GLCE